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Get Involved

Use Thousand Kites in your community to spark dialogue about the criminal justice system. Choose from our film, theatre, or radio projects, or employ them all–as they’re interconnected and support each other. An individual, small group, or large organization can all use Thousand Kites. Gather with other interested folks in your community (grassroots organizers or artists, religious or school groups, etc) to begin the dialogue process. It can be part of a local event, or a larger scale project. Kites Tools:

  • Call StoryLine

    Millions are affected by the criminal justice system. Share your story today.

  • Theater

    Read a Kites play in your community to hear stories and share your own.

  • Documentary Film Screening

    Screen a film to kick-start organizing efforts in your community.

  • Community Radio

    Make waves by taking your voice to the airwaves.

  • Campaigns

    Launch a Kites campaign.


  • Get Your Community Onboard

    Work with Kites to share your community's story and kick start organizing.