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Get Your Community Onboard

Get your community on board


Now that you’ve shared your story, we want you to gather other stories from your community. Do interviews with community members, write on a blog, or screen a film. However you do it, you can be the one organizing your community to change public perception of the criminal justice system. 

Be the reporter. Put the StoryLine number in your cell phone (877-518-0606) or print out this postcard with the call-in information and take it to your next group meeting. Tell people about how you called in, and ask them to do the same. Interview your family and community (the phone is the mic!) and help them share their story.

Spread the word. 
Add the below image to your website or blog by copying the HTML.

Host a Listening Circle
to help gather your community's stories. Download this Listening Circle Guide to get started.

Use Kites film, theater, and radio tools to create events in your community where people can share their tkarrowgatherstories. Navigate the other pages of this GET INVOLVED section to learn about using the film, theater, and radio tools.

Or download our Facilitation Guide to learn about the Kites tools. Click on the image to download.