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  • About Thousand Kites | A Project of Appalshop
    Thousand Kites is a community-based performance, web, video and radio project centered on the United States prison system. MORE

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  • Radio response to the “New Jim Crow”

    America is being dragged back to Jim Crow era as right-wing efforts to disenfranchise voters emerge across the states, a prelude to the coming election.

  • Victor Guijarro, detained in OH

    Immigration rights activist Victor Guijarro detained in Ohio.
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  • We Can’t Pay the Bill

    Popular education skit on the cost of prisons.

  • Calls from Home


    Holler to the Hood has a new name: Calls from Home.  The weekly show is now hosted on our new site.  Check it out.

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  • We Can’t Pay the Bill

    Popular education exercise about the cost of prisons.


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