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“Unlike a lot of ‘activist theater,’ the Kites play doesn’t seek to preach a message forcibly, or motivate the audience through anger and outrage; it encourages the whole community to reach out and reach in, to uplift and assist, and to move change with compassion.”– student, University of North Carolina-Asheville

You don’t need theater experience to read or perform the Thousand Kites
play. The play brings people together to initiate and deepen
conversations about criminal justice issues in a non-threatening way.
The play is adaptable: we encourage you to add your own stories or
ideas. It can be read at a house party or in an auditorium. It can be
performed by the members of your group, your families, friends, and
neighbors, or by your local college theater class or community theater
group. You can use it along with the Kites video and audio tools or by
itself. It’s all good. It all works. We know, because we’ve tried it.

Invite us to host a dialogue, facilitate a screening or run a Thousand Kites workshop in your community.



Listen to a Thousand Kite’s radio production about the project.

The best way to get started is to download the play script.

Thousand Kites Play pdf | doc

“Mil Cometas” Espanol version pdf | doc

Thousand Kites Play Kit:

Play Kit (tips on putting on a Thousand Kites performance) doc

Sample Press Release doc

Sample Program doc

Audience Feedback (Thousand Kites Toll-Free Number) postcards

Sample flyer doc

Music and Sounds for the Production

How can you get involved?

You don’t need any theater experience to read or perform the Thousand Kites
play. The play’s real stories come from people of all ages and
backgrounds. They speak clearly to those already involved in the issues
and to those new to the conversation.

* Do an informal play reading at your next group meeting or family get-together.

* Pass out scripts and read the play at a house party.

* Talk to your local college or community theater about doing a public reading or production of the play.

* Adapt the play to your particular circumstance — add your own stories or ideas.

* Combine a play reading or performance with Kites video and radio tools.

Just download the play kit and get started. And, if you have questions, feel free to contact us .