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Thursdays this Spring | Prison Talk Series

Prison Talk Series

Thursdays this spring

Join a community of people in Lexington, KY to talk about the U.S. prison system. up the ridge

The talk on May 21 will include a discussion about the Thousand Kites' film UP THE RIDGE and the Kites project as a whole. Be sure not to miss this discussion to hear how you can get involved in an artistic process to address the criminal justice system.

Thursdays, 6:00 PM,
Al’s Bar
late spring talks with and by the community
Price of Admission: Caring

May 21: Johnathan Hampton on Addressing a Broken System through
Songwriter Wes Houp performs after the talk

May 28: Brian Rich on Ana Romero and Death Prisons for the Innocent

June 4: Chuck Fields on Pot, Prisons, and the War on Drugs in Kentucky

June 11: KFTC and Neighborhood Residents on Voting Rights for Former Felons

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