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Thousand Kites Play at Otter Creek

The Thousand Kites Play

Ferrum College students perform at Otter Creek

Students from Ferrum College, under the instruction of Dr. William Osborne will perform The Thousand Kites Play at the Otter Creek Correctional Facility on May 19.

Dr. Osborne works with the students to develop an understanding of the current criminal justice system. He says, "there is no
way to explain what it is like to be in a jail or prison. The
sounds, smells, the culture (both staff and inmates) can be observed
first hand. Additionally, students [in this class will come to] see inmates as human
beings and this is the beginning of breaking down students’
tendencies to dehumanize prisoners."

student performing


The students will have the chance to perform the play in front of a group of about twenty women incracerated at the facility, and engage in a discussion about people's experiences with the system.

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