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The Concrete Rose Garden

The Concrete Roes Garden

An Anthology of Poems and Stories

Kites is pleased to announce a anthology of writing:  The Concrete Rose Garden, a collection of poems and stories by a group of women writers at the Otter Creek prison in Wheelwright, KY.

The introduction to the anthology reads:

We are mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends.

We come from Kentucky, Hawaii, and Illinois, from large families and small, from small towns and big cities, from the mountains and the ocean.condrete_rose_drawing2

We have shared words, experiences, laughter, tears, food, stories, and wisdom. We are smart, talented, brave, and honest.

We represent diverse backgrounds and have a wealth of experience.

We all have one thing in common: we are writers.

We are Mary, Margo, Kristi, Julia, Jean, Shanah, Rebecca, Naka, E.J., Judy, Charlene, and Janet.

We joined together every Wednesday afternoon at the Otter Creek Correctional Facility for four months to share our poetry, short stories, essays, and letters. We challenged each other, helped each other grow as writers and as women, and we learned from one another. Our stories make up this anthology. It is a testament to our hard work, dedication, and willingness to be creative and honest.  We hope you will read these words and think about how they relate to your own lives and we hope you will share them with others. 

Download and read the anthology here.

Want to use the anthology to spark a discussion in your community? Download the Facilitation Guide to help kick-start your process!

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