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Stop Prisoner Renting

Stop Prisoner Renting

A campaign with the Virgin Islands Prison Project

Across the country, states are renting out their prisoners to other states. In this hard economic time in our country, many states see these contracts as income sources for their department of corrections. The Virgin Islands and Virginia have held such a contract for years, separating families across an ocean and keeping men and women in segregation for years on end. After 98 men and women from the VI were sent up to Virginia last fall, the Virgin Islands Prison Project decided to take action to bring those people home.

In early August 2009, 100 men were returned to the Virgin Islands. Work
with Thousand Kites and the Virgin Islands Prison Project to help make
this victory just the beginning. Many more men and women are housed out
of state. Take action to help bring them home.  

Stop Prisoner Renting, a new Thousand Kites Campaign, aims to stop the practice of shipping prisoners between states.Listen to Kim Lyons of the Virgin Islands Prison Project (VIPP) discuss their goals and reasons to end this practice. 

What do you have to say about prisoners being rented out to other states? Do you have a family member or friend who has been shipped across state lines? Share your story or experience by calling toll free 877-518-0606 and be part of the campaign!

"From the Auction Block to the Cell Block"
By Mario Bell, a Virgin Islands prisoner who is housed in Virginia

prisoner renting
In the coming weeks, Thousand Kites will fully launch this campaign.


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2. Call toll free 877-518-0606 to share your experience with the transfer
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3. Check out the VIPP blog to read poems and essays by prisoners affected by this policy.