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Standing Ground

Standing Ground

A new radio show dedicated to the discussion of
crime and punishment

 Tune in Saturday, January 23rd for the debut of "Standing Ground", a new radio show from the Virgin Islands

 Standing Ground is a new radio show originating from the Virgin Islands and hosted by Kim Lyons. Standing Ground is dedicated to the discussion of
crime and punishment, and according to the host, Kim Lyons, it will be a mix of music, shout outs and commentary about crime and punishment in the Virgin Islands.
Kim says that the show will try to entertain, enlighten and, most importantly spark a community dialogue about the criminal justice system by tapping and airing the voices of those most affected. You can listen to Standing Ground on the radio in the Virgin Islands on WDHP 1620 AM or online at reefbroadcasting.com

Kim is the head of the Virgin Islands Prison Project,(VIPP) a collective of committed volunteers seeking to change the lives of incarcerated people and the prison environment. VIPP strives to help shift public opinion  toward a more humane view of prisoners and spur public motivation to examine the core-system issues that create crime and poverty by challenging all to embrace values of accountability, respect, restoration and nonviolence. We seek creative approaches to justice that actively involves all who are impacted by crime – victims, offenders, their communities of care and the broader community – and to promote accountability, healing and the common good. VIPP examines closely issues like parole for lifers, solitary confinement, education in prisons and prisoner abuse. We answer many letters from folks locked down, and provide resources, referrals, and assistance wherever we are able. We help to support family members, offering them a place where they can come and talk to people who have the same experience, where they can get guidance, information as well as understanding. 





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