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Purpose in Punishment

Purpose in Punishment

By Cedric Dean

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 Cedric Dean, who is incarcerated at Big Sandy in Kentucky, shares his thoughts about how to make change while incarcerated.

Purpose in Punishment

There is purpose in punishment. Most of us, the 2.3 million, in American jails and prisons, were the biggest threat to our neighborhoods. Thugged out, we were restrained by nothing—no religion, responsibility or respect for anything or anyone.

We loved people and things that couldn’t or wouldn’t love us back: Brotherhoods and Oaths…

Because we didn’t love our children, 4,302 are arrested daily, 6000 quit school daily and 1 in 8 are killed daily by gun violence—across the country.

Maybe, we should start telling them that the thug-life isn’t worth dying or going to jail.   

Why keep it a secret? Is it because misery loves company? 

I can’t keep it a secret. And hopefully you won’t either. Last year, 10,000 black men, killed 10,000 black men. And 40,000 black men, wounded 40,000 black men. It is no secret to keep. The streets are about death and destruction.   

What can you do about? The same thing I’ve done—write a book. Don’t believe the hype—you can write and have published a book from prison.  You can’t profit from your crime.   

If you can’t write a book, write a letter. If you can’t write a letter, have someone write it for you—But don’t keep the truth about the streets a secret.   

There is purpose in punishment, so tell others about your mistakes; help them see the mistake in not learning from your mistake.   

There are people that care about you, so you need to start caring about others.

If you need help writing a book, publishing a book or you want to order my book as proof that you, too, can become a published author, contact BDB Publishing, LLC, PO Box 30832, Charlotte, NC, 28230 or have someone visit www.cedricdean.com.

If you need resources for re-entry planning, order the National Inmate Resource Directory from:       

Epoch Publications       
PO Box 97940       
Phoenix, AZ 85060      
$9.50 money order or unused stamps

The directory has addresses nationwide of people that want to help you get out of prison and stay out. Also available online: www.EpochPublications.com.   

Find your purpose and make your dreams come true.

-Cedric Dean, author of:
For The Love Of The Streets
How To Stop Your Children From Going To Prison
Operation Con-Freedom
Pimping In The Name Of The Lord
(available online at amazon.com)

For more information about Cedric, his writing, and his organization, visit his website .