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Mud Stenciling Protest

Why deny used books to prisoners?

Artists use mud to protest Department of Corrections policy


Wisconsin artists partnered with Wisconsin Books to Prisoners to protest the Department of Corrections’ ban against prisoner’s receiving used books from commercial vendors such as Rainbow Bookstore in Madison.… And they did it with ecological street art.
On Saturday, October 17, 2009 6’ by 9’ stencils reading “Why Deny Used Books to Prisoners?”, “Books Liberate”, and “Missing: 2.3 Million Americans” were sponged in mud by 40 volunteers throughout downtown Madison, the UW campus and spots such as the Dane County jail, DOC headquarters, the Federal Court House, Camp Randall, the Governor’s mansion and public libraries.

n74368254966_1581  Concerned citizens should phone Governor Doyle at (608)266-1212 or email him   and contact their Representatives
Wisconsin Books to Prisoners, a project of Rainbow Bookstore, is a volunteer non-profit organization, founded in the fall of 2006 that sends books, free of charge, to prisoners in Wisconsin and LGTB prisoners nationwide. This project compensates for the deplorable condition of prison libraries and deficient educational programs for prisoners in Wisconsin; WBTP is often the last educational resource for a captive and largely indigent population.

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