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Media Justice, Criminal Justice Campaign


Kites has a goal of launching community radio programs across the country that directly address the criminal justice system. 

In 1998 we started our weekly community radio program when we received hundreds of letters from prisoners in our region describing human rights abuses. With the support of prisoners, activists, and prisoner family members the program has grown to be an organizing tool, a way to connect those inside with those on the outside, and a powerful way to educate the public about the criminal justice system. 

Listen to calls from our weekly radio program



can organize your own weekly radio program dedicated to talking,
exploring and telling stories about the criminal justice system. 

Here are a few tips:

There should be a community radio station that reaches jails or
prisons in your community. Set up a meeting with the station manager
to talk about doing a program. Be prepared to explain how the
program will work.

The station will provide training on how to run a radio program. You might
communicate with prisoners to see if there's a particular time of day
when they would be more likely to have access to the time and
equipment to listen to a radio show. 

our show works:

Our program runs from 7-10pm every Monday
night. For the first two hours of the program, we play hip-hop
music as we pre-record calls. In the third
hour we play those calls.

callers offer prayers and messages, address issues and share family

ask people to speak directly to their loved and radiothousandkitetheir

use common sense as a guiding principle. If we can’t understand
the intent, story, or communication, we don’t broadcast it.
Period. This protects the integrity of the program.

For more detailed information on how to launch your own radio program, download our Facilitation Guide.


Be part of the Thousand Kites StoryLine

Add you voice to the Thousand Kites project.  Call toll-free (877) 518-0606 and share a reflection or story about the criminal justice system.  You can call anytime, our answering machine will record the call, and will add your story to our website, radio broadcast, and maybe even a live performance.

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 Educate us about what people are doing in regards to MEDIA JUSTICE, CRIMINAL JUSTICE. Share your feedback with us at thousandkitesproject@gmail.com.