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Mar. 8, 2008, Norfolk, VA | Up the Ridge Screening

Mar. 8, 2008, Norfolk, VA

Up the Ridge Screening

A newly formed group called BLESS
to support those incarcerated and newly released from prisonwill be showing Thousand Kites film Up The Ridge on March
8, at 1 pm at the Norview Methodist Church.

Norview United Methodist Church
1112 Norview Avenue
Norfolk, Virginia 23513
Phone: (757) 853-9361

Free Movie sponsored by BLESS & NUMC
Refreshments served after in Fellowship Hall of NUMC
Restoration of Voting Rights Information will be available

We are also asking local interest groups to bring information for
display and handouts. We are providing tables for each group during the
luncheon. Please RSVP akesling@yahoo.com
if interested.

Kites: We are also interested in volunteers who would like to be a part
of the Thousand Kites project here in Hampton Roads.

Kites is a national project that provides tools (theater, web, radio,
and video) for people concerned about human rights and criminal justice
issues to use to facilitate dialogue in their local communities across
the United States.) Theatre people would be very helpful!

Up the Ridge


the Ridge is a one-hour television documentary produced by Nick
Szuberla and Amelia Kirby. In 1999 Szuberla and Kirby were volunteer
DJ's for the Appalachian region's only hip-hop radio program in
Whitesburg, KY when they received hundreds of letters from inmates
transferred into nearby Wallens Ridge, the region's newest prison built
to prop up the shrinking coal economy. The letters described human
rights violations and racial tension between staff and inmates. Filming
began that year and, though the lens of Wallens Ridge State Prison, the
program offers viewers an in-depth look at the United States prison
industry and the social impact of moving hundreds of thousands of
inner-city minority offenders to distant rural outposts. The film
explores competing political agendas that align government policy with
human rights violations, and political expediencies that bring
communities into racial and cultural conflict with tragic consequences.
Connections exist, in both practice and ideology, between human rights
violations in Abu Ghraib and physical and sexual abuse recorded in
American prisons.

Thank you,
Alma D. Kesling


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