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Calls From Home

Holiday Radio Show for Prisoner Families

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Join our National Campaign to send 100 letters to papers across the country to educate the public about the U.S. Incarceration Nation.  Thousand Kites is asking you to take a minute to write a letter to the editor of your local paper.  We have made it easy for you with an online tool.  Click here.

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Download an audio file below and use our facilitation guide as a simple way to start a discussion in your community.
pdf Calls From Home Facilitation Guide (click to download, 60.52 Kb)

Calls From Home program in a variety of lengths 

1 hour program
Download MP3 of 1 hour (right click, 45 MB)

26 minute program
Download MP3 of 26 minute (right click, 25 MB)

10 minute program
Download MP3 of 10 minute (right click, 9 MB)

5 minute program
Download MP3 of 5 minute (right click, 5 MB)

listen to individual calls

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Want to help get Calls From Home heard all over the country?

• Host a community meeting or, if you can, play it for a group of
prisoners using the CALLS FROM HOME short program and facilitation

• Download a copy of CALLS FROM HOME for your local community radio station and suggest that they broadcast the program.

• Blog about CALLS FROM HOME. Embed the audio, banners, and text from this page. Write a short commentary.

• Join our Facebook Group and follow updates at our Thousand Kites Twitter .

The United States has 2.4 million people behind bars. Thousand Kites
wants you to lend your support to a powerful grassroots radio and
community project that reaches into our nation’s prisons and lets those
inside know they are not forgotten.

Thousand Kites is excited to offer community radio stations and
individuals the 10th annual national radio program Calls from Home. Now in its 10th year, the
program features phone calls from mothers and children, brothers and
grandparents, sharing the intimate power of families speaking directly
to their incarcerated loved ones.

Poets and musicians read and sing
across phone lines and prison walls. Calls from Home, produced in the
coalfields of central Appalachia, reaches a national network of
prisoners, their loved ones and public listeners through community
radio in an effort to educate the public about the criminal justice
system. Started in 1998 by artists at Appalshop, the program was first
a local response to the growing prison industry in their rural

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