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Kites Radio Updates 11/4/08


Kites radio updates | November 4, 2008

Thousand Kites Radio

On the Thousand Kites Radio , you can hear poems from prisoners, news about criminal justice, radio documentaries, and much more. In the month of October, we added four new pieces to our online radio station. Check out clips from each piece below.

A poem at the opening plenary at CR10:
{mp3}cr10 clip{/mp3}

A radio documentary about the California prison crisis:


A rally in support of Troy Davis:
{mp3}tdavis clip{/mp3}

A radio documentary about humanity and justice:
{mp3}hammad clip{/mp3}

Like what you've heard?  Hear the full pieces and many others on the Thousand Kites Radio.

What is the Thousand Kits Radio?

  • An online grassroots radio station focused on the criminal justice system
  • Content includes poems and stories from incarcerated men and women, radio documentaries, and criminal justice news

How do I get involved?

  • Call the Thousand Kites StoryLine 877-518-0606 and share your story
  • Have a radio piece you'd like to see on Kites radio?  Email us for more info.
  • Start your own community radio station! Check out the Get Involved page for more details.