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Intern with Thousand Kites

Intern with Thousand Kites

Are you interested in criminal justice reform? Using arts for social change? Do you want to help start a media campaign or building an online community?

Then intern with Thousand Kites!

Kites is a national project using the power of art to address the
U.S. criminal justice system. The Thousand Kites team is currently
seeking intern(s) to aid in our work to start an active dialogue about
the U.S. criminal justice system by engaging communities with radio,
film, and theater. Interns will work with the Thousand Kites team to
develop and implement the Thousand Kites national outreach plan; to
maintain communication and data systems; and to create new Thousand
Kites media content. The time and duration of the intern commitment is

Responsibilities May Include:

-Generating radio, web, print, and video content

Thousand Kites web presence

Thousand Kites Outreach Database

-Co-hosting weekly call-in radio program

-Managing online viral marketing campaigns

-Maintaining communication with Thousand Kites partners

If you are interested in interning with Kites, please send us an email with your resume and cover letter.

Meet our current Kites intern, Emily!    

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