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Help Support Calls From Home

Help Support Calls From Home

Make your donation today

Thousand Kites would sincerely like to thank everyone who has already called in their holiday greeting. Because of your call, people are hearing messages from all over the country and  our community is growing by the day. 

Please take a moment to help support the work that we do at Thousand Kites, to help us continue Calls From Home and similar projects throughout the year.  Your small donation will help your words carry to the furthest away prisons, to your loved ones across the country.

 Remember, Tuesday Dec 9 is the last day to make your call for this year's CALLS FROM HOME. Call us live on Tuesday from 4-11pm 888-396-1208 and send a holiday greeting to your loved one who is incarcerated.

 Thanks for your support. We hope you'll continue to share your stories, listen to others, and make change in your community.