Calls From Home

A National Radio Broadcast


“There's a lot to be said for the sheer rush of
feeling that the callers emote as they sing, chant, and send good
wishes. I wish more radio stations would devote this kind of time and
space for those who find themselves in prison. It reminds one of old
radio days, combined with a real community radio mission: to reach out
and touch those in need." -Public Radio Exchange

to send your holiday greeting. Call EARLY this year and watch CALLS FROM HOME build.  If you CALL NOW,
you can see your call up on our webpage before the show is broadcast.
Listen to the calls as they come in and hear holiday greetings from
across the country.

 Place your CALL NOW: 877-518-0606 to send your holiday greeting, read a poem, or sing a song!

Listen to other calls as the show gets built online.

Calls from Home

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Thousand Kites is excited
to offer community radio stations and individuals the 9th annual
national radio program Calls from Home.
The program features phone calls from mothers and children, brothers
and grandparents, sharing the intimate power of families speaking
directly to their incarcerated loved ones. Calls from Home,
produced in the coalfields of central Appalachia, reaches a national
network of prisoners, their loved ones and public listeners through
community radio in an effort to educate the public about the criminal
justice system.

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Get involved and help spread the word

Thousand Kites needs your support in spreading the word. You can do a house party by playing the program to your community group or church and then having a discussion about incarceration in the United States. The program will be available here on December 13th for download. Contact us if you need information or want us to mail a CD to a radio station.

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Calls from Home Kit

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Press Release for Calls from Home doc | pdf

Radio Programmers

Dear Program Director,

Thousand Kites, and WMMT-FM, would like to offer your station Calls from Home,
a special one-hour program which brings the voices of families across
the nation to the airwaves as they send greetings directly to their
incarcerated loved ones. The program features calls that share the
intimate power of families speaking straight to their loved ones behind
bars. The material will be recorded on December 9th, when Thousand Kites opens its toll-free line for eight hours of recording. A one-hour edited version of Calls from Home will be available free
of charge on December 13th. The program will be available for download on this website, as well as
PRX.org and Audioport.org, or the program can be mailed to you on cd.
Please email us for additional information.

Title: Calls from Home
Producers: Nick Szuberla and Amelia Kirby

Program Type: Event/Live Call-In,(edited)

File Type: MPEG Layer 3 (.mp3) bitrate: 128kps
Length: 59:00 with a 60 second music sound bed at 29:00
Broadcast Restrictions: for non-profit use only
Summary: Calls From Home brings the voices of family members of
prisoners across the country to the airwaves in a program that informs
the listener about the impact of incarceration on families.

This is the complete one hour program with the 60 second music sound bed.

• Complete Program Calls From Home FROM 2007- Broadcast Quality Audio 53 MB (right click to download–UPLOADED ON DEC.13th)

If you need information about this broadcast contact us via email or call us at 606.633.0108 and ask for Nick Szuberla or Julia Taylor.